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Welcome! I’m writing and marketing professional with more than 10 years experience in the health, beauty and wellness industries. This blog offers a collection of talented people I’ve met and worked with, stellar products I’ve experienced, and a forum for the written word throughout my career. Enjoy!

Artistic Hobbies & Savvy Selfies

For Naples, FL, locals, check out a hard copy of Naples Illustrated’s January 2018 issue for ways to create the perfect selfie and artistic hobbies.

Salad Trends ‘Shaking Up’ Retail

From new branding, to umami flavor profiles, to aquaponics, these brands are meeting consumers’ demands head-on and raising the industry’s standards.

Cooking with Tea

Many nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs are invigorating taste experiences by using teas as an ingredient for cooking and baking.

Going for the Gold

Internationally famed hair colorist Harley Lobasso conquers career goals.

Sporting Success

Five-time Emmy winner Shanon Irish discusses TV producing for the Miami Heat and career euphoria.

A Triple-Threat Female

How one former Disney princess parlayed her 10-year experience as a performer into a marketing and business career for her husband’s pediatric practice.

A Fierce Woman Making Waves

The brand’s aesthetic evokes imagery of a female emerging from the ocean and being struck by a wave as she approaches land. The name itself, Ola Feroz, which translates to Fierce Wave in Spanish, demonstrates the tenacity behind the brand and its creator.

South Florida Women’s Profile Series

The results of last week’s presidential election are still on my mind and upsetting. I choose to focus my pessimistic energy into a good/positive/brightside editorial piece. Something to celebrate—thus the South Florida Women’s Profile Series. The “ladies who lunch” today break the mold.

Berry Beautiful

The most striking feature of a sea buckthorn bush is its berries. The bright orange and yellow fruit is shaped like a cherry tomato and filled with nutritional benefits for the skin and body. As a snack, the berries are rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamins. When used topically, they protect skin and moisturize in…

Going Green to Get Bronze

Advertisements for “Organic Tanning” practically hit me in the face at every turn as I walked around a popular shopping area in Downtown Delray Beach, Florida. Really, organic tanning–yes, such a thing does exist. These tanning salons were strictly referring to the products they use for spray tans–not the beds. Traditional tanning solutions contain dyes,…